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Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising™
Friday, May 12, 2006, 12:10AM EST
Some screenshots of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising™, which will be released this winter from Sony.
NextGen Preview
Wednesday, May 10, 2006, 12:18PM EST
Close the curtains, draw the drapes, and color us peach, black, and taken aback: The next generation of videogames has arrived in full force.
Coming Soon to the World MMOGs
Wednesday, May 10, 2006, 10:54AM EST

With more than six million subscribers, Blizzard's World of WarCraft may well be hotter than a microwaved burrito on the sun.
Gods & Heroes - Dactyl Gameplay
Sunday, May 07, 2006, 3:23AM EST
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Gods & Heroes - Hippocampus Gameplay
Sunday, May 07, 2006, 3:21AM EST
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