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Friday, May 12, 2006, 11:33AM EST

Another oldie but goodie, Lemmings, is headed to PSP from SCEA this month. Using quick reflexes and wits, players guide a group of creatures from an entrance point to an exit point, avoiding perils such as rivers, cliffs, lava pits, and mechanical spikes. Players will be able create new levels and share them wirelessly.

Capcom, in turn, has put together a bundle of puzzle favorites in Capcom Puzzle World. Including Capcom classics Super Puzzle Fighter II, Block Block, and the Buster Bros. Collection (Buster Bros, Super Buster Bros and Buster Buddies), Puzzle World features wireless ad hoc multiplayer ability, unlockable bonus content, and a screenshot mode. All games have been retouched and updated for PSP.

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