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Accessorizing the Next Generation

Friday, May 12, 2006, 11:46AM EST

Peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz has an extensive lineup of next-generation console controllers on display, giving a valuable early look into how third-party peripheral manufacturers will apply their unique spin on the controller innovations of the upcoming game systems. This includes Xbox 360 accessories such as the MC2 Racing Wheel and the Microcon 360, which represents the first extension of that successful controller line into the next generation of consoles.

Nyko's recent releases show a strong focus on the Xbox 360 accessories market. "Microsoft has created a gaming system to become the entertainment centerpiece for the living room. Nyko is bringing gamers accessories that will enhance their gaming experience and protect their valuable Xbox 360," says Susan Corben Cox, Nyko's vice president of marketing. Included in Nyko's product lineup is the GameFace 360, which lets players use specially made PC software and printable labels to create a customized Xbox 360 faceplate. It also comes with six premade designs.

Nyko's Intelligent Remote 360 works as a universal remote designed with that console in mind. The Intercooler 360 increases the air flow and decreases the temperature in the console, extending the system's life and reliability. Nyko's Play on TV adaptor for PSP gives players the option of enjoying their games and movies on the big screen at home.

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