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The Family Patriarch

Friday, May 12, 2006, 11:37AM EST

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is a prime example of the classic-style flight sim. This year will see the tenth iteration of the series, Flight Simulator X. Any developer would be thrilled to have a title do well enough to deserve a sequel, let alone nine. So what’s the secret to Flight Simulator’s success? "The Flight Simulator franchise is designed for players of all ages, types, and skill levels," says Mike Gilbert, lead program manager for Microsoft Game Studios. "It immerses players in a beautifully rich world, offering a completely new and innovative gaming experience."

Given that not much has changed in the world of flying in the past decade, one wonders what new experiences could be added to a sim series that prides itself on realism and accuracy. "[With] the addition of new mission-based gameplay, players will have a purpose as their world comes alive with automobile and truck traffic, moving boats and ships, and animal life for the first time. With 50 new missions to choose from, aviators can build their skill levels and engage in even more stimulating gameplay than ever before," says Gilbert.


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