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Present-Day Battles

Thursday, May 11, 2006, 12:20PM EST

With battles waging across the world today, videogames are serving up virtual representations that bring the action home. One of the focuses of the new America’s Army Special Forces Overmatch game is the America’s Army Real Heroes program, which brings true stories of present-day American soldiers to life. Within the new update, Real Heroes Soldiers appear in key places throughout game. Soldiers are represented in training missions, as well as at the Virtual Recruiting Center. Players can hear the soldiers’ stories through audio and video presentations.


From virtual hot spots to Sin City, Ubisoft’s Montreal studio is bringing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six team to next-generation and current-generation consoles this fall. Rainbow operatives take to the chaotic streets of Las Vegas as a terrorist siege threatens to take world terrorism to new heights. The first-person perspective, squad-based game introduces nonlinear, multiple-path Vegas environments to navigate.


Also from Ubisoft is a completely different take on action. Red Steel takes advantage of

Nintendo Wii’s innovative controller to bring swordplay and weapons firing together

in one experience. Set in Los Angeles and Tokyo, players will control the action like never

before by replicating sword-fighting movements and eliminating enemies quickly by directly

pointing and shooting them.

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