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Age of Empires Goes Native

Friday, May 12, 2006, 11:52AM EST

With Microsoft's Age of Empires III, the fastest-selling game in the multimillion-selling PC franchise, it's clear players just want more. And that's what they're going to get with The WarChiefs' expansion pack.

"The most exciting parts of Age of Empires III seemed to be the home cities feature, alliances with native tribes, and the single-player campaign," muses lead designer Sandy Petersen. "In WarChiefs, we're expanding the home cities, adding new tribes and random maps, as well as including a whole new single-player campaign."

In total, three new tribes will be added, with the Iroquois Confederation already announced. "The new tribes are drawn from Native American roots and play quite differently from the European civilizations. I hope they'll offer players some interesting new gameplay choices," says Petersen. Enhancements include new units and unique powers such as war dances.

As for the concept of home cities—something introduced in Age of Empires III—Petersen says there's plenty of tweaking still to be done. "We're going over ideas and testing the concepts, so any comments now might be premature, but there will be significant improvements to the home cities, including new ways to build decks and new cards," he promises.

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