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Finally got a chance to spend some quality time on the floor and it wasn't long before I got my hands on some sweet swag, one of the main reasons everyone comes out to E3 :)

Mad Catz was giving out PS2 New England Patriot's controllers (not bad for a guy from New England), got my hands on a Katamari mouse pad (I think it's a mouse pad), a cool Mario Kart DS stylus, I also got more magazine's than I could ever possibly read. One of my goals today is to head out to Sega and see if I can get my hands on the Super Monkey Ball doll I've seen around.


I got back into the crowd making the rounds and got even more free stuff. I got even more magazines, t-shirts, a skin for my PSP and a can of Capcom ice coffee, plenty of new toys for my cube at work :)

SpikeTV War of the Worlds G4 Mountain Dew

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