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Ubi Soft announces upcoming MMORPG

One day before the premier of The Matrix: Reloaded, Ubi Soft, in conjunction with Warner Brothers Studios announced their intent to co-publish The Matrix: Online. Slated for a 2004 release, it will be a massively multiplayer role-playing game that immerses players into the world of The Matrix, created by the Wachowski brothers.

Using a completely new engine developed by the award winning Monolith Studios, The Matrix: Online will feature a dense urban environment with a vast variety of districts from wide open warehouse areas to the twisting alley ways of the slums. The most impressive portion of the engine is the dynamic loading which allows gamers to navigate the game world seamlessly and without loading screens even on dialup connections.

To make the world more believable, the game features full weather effects, day night cycles, rear ground traffic, and even pigeons milling about in parks. Style will also go on a long way to increase the player’s sense of involvement and community. Monolith is especially proud that character models are highly customizable and will feature a large array of clothing and body styles to fit the gritty setting. Instead of being stuck to one clichéd look, players can carry around different sets of clothing and change their look as the mood suits them.

Combat will also set The Matrix: Online apart from other games. It will feature a tactical engine that gives the player a wide range of special movies and combat stances. During especially heroic battles, gamers may even be treated to the famed "bullet time" sequences.

Since Monolith is working closely with the Wachowski brothers to develop the game world and back-story, The Matrix: Online will be a lot more than a level treadmill of fighting rats and snakes. Players will perform tasks that will affect the game world and feel as if they are apart of the narrative of the Matrix.

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