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Ubi Soft Heads to The Matrix
Barrage of games led by The Matrix Online
Ubi Soft's impressive lineup starts with a bang as the company announces it will publish The Matrix Online, a massively multiplayer online RPG developed by Monolith Productions and the Wachowski brothers' own EON Entertainment. Ubi Soft will distribute the game and maintain its live servers while Warner Brothers (overseeing Monolith and EON) is responsible for story and gameplay content. Ubi Soft expects to roll out the game for PC in 2004.
Ubi Soft is also revisiting the Myst franchise with Uru: Ages Beyond Myst on PC. Not only will this single-player game continue the Myst story, but players can also opt to subscribe and join the expanded world of Uru as a massively multiplayer online game, making this Ubi Soft's second seriously significant MMORPG.
Ubi Soft is also showing off Beyond Good & Evil, the newest game from Rayman creator Michel Ancel. Besides looking spectacular, BG&E; promises to deliver an epic story filled with diverse gameplay styles-action, adventure, and stealth-fluidly mixed together. The game will be released on all platforms by the end of this year.
The balance of Ubi Soft's lineup includes an eclectic mix of franchise sequels and wholly original games.
New titles include Lock On: Modern Air Combat, Far Cry, and Will Rock for PC; Monster 4x4 for PS2 and GameCube; Bratz: Formal Funk for GameCube; and XIII for all platforms.
Established franchises that will see new iterations include Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria on PC, Ape Escape 2 for PS2, and Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for all platforms.
Movie fans can check out Charlie's Angels for PS2 and GameCube, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for PS2 and GBA. Charlie's Angels will feature the cast from the movie, while Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon boasts famed choreographer Woo-Ping Yen's work on its fight moves.
Ubi Soft will also show off its Tom Clancy titles: Rainbow Six 3 and Ghost Recon: Island Thunder for Xbox, and the Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword expansion pack for PC.
-By Thierry Nguyen
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