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How to Communicate with Gamers
Report reveals what gamers want from e-mail
This week, the report "Interactive Gamer Attitudes Regarding Interactive Game Companies' E-mail Marketing Efforts" was released. The results were gleaned by Lucid Marketing and Hugh Bowen Associates from 3,800 self-identified gamers who were sent an e-mail about participating. Response data was gathered between April 25 and April 30, 2003.
86 percent of gamers polled are very interested or somewhat interested in providing input into what goes into a new game's development.
72 percent of gamers asked responded that they strongly agree or somewhat agree that e-mail is an informative way to communicate about new games.
49 percent of gamers asked said they strongly agree or somewhat agree that e-mail communications make them more likely to purchase a game.
40 percent of gamers polled buy their games at a superstore. Fifty-one percent of these agree that receiving e-mail communications makes them more likely to purchase a game.
84 percent of gamers who own 26 games or more are interested in being a member of a "game club" where they could get early game release dates, information, and cheat codes.
69 percent of gamers install game demos or download demos for upcoming game releases.
59percent of gamers expect to receive downloadable updates and add-ons to their games.
27 percent of gamers receive no e-mail marketing messages from interactive game companies.
20 percent receive e-mail marketing from only one game company.
27 percent of the gamers polled purchase their games online, but only 1 percent purchase directly from the game company.
When asked what they believe to be the coolest communication a game company could send to them, gamers polled commonly responded with comments focused on beta-test offers that made them feel they had some input into the fate of a game.
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