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Xicat Interactive
Fantasy, Lotus racing, and the return of a classic
Xicat Interactive introduces some impressive titles at this year's show. The first is Haven: Call of the King, an epic adventure for Xbox and GameCube in which the hero quests to liberate his people and vanquish ultimate evil, all in a unique setting that mixes fantasy and machines.
Another fantasy-adventure title, Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal, makes its way from the PC to all three consoles. This third-person game combines the world we know with that of Zanzarah and the world of fairies. Amy, a young human, must journey to Zanzarah and find a way to reunite the three worlds.
Choplifter: Crisis Shield for PS2 heralds the return of a classic gaming franchise. As an elite rescue pilot, you fight against the forces of nature-including volcanoes, tornadoes, fires, and storms-to bring your charges home safely.
Finally, Motor Trend presents Lotus Challenge for Xbox and GameCube offers more than just hard driving-you must perform astounding feats, such as jumping through trains on a Hollywood set, if you're going to make it as part of Team Lotus.
- By Joel Strauch
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