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Pelican Accessories Goes for GBA SP and a Guarantee
Predator and Chameleon controllers for PS2 round out the lineup
Pelican is revving up its GameBoy SP accessories with a number of new gadgets for mobile gamers. SP owners who set their sights on a luxury SP Leather Pouch lined with velvet can expect to pay $14.95. At $7.95, the nylon Wacky Pak SP zippered pouch holds a GameBoy SP, four game cartridges, an AC adapter, and a link cable. The SP Super Pak includes a 4-foot USB charger and 6-foot car lighter DC adapter for $9.95.And the Flip 'N Play flip-up plastic magnifier lens, also retailing at $9.95, offers zero distortion and folds down flat. Continuing the trend of untethered peripherals, Pelican is also debuting a new wireless controller for PS2. Dubbed the Predator Wireless, it features a 50-foot range and 120-hour battery life (supplied by two AA batteries) with the rumble function enabled. In addition, the Predator can do double duty as a DVD remote receiver. It's available for $39.99.
Due out in January, the Chameleon for PS2 and PSOne features L2 and R2 buttons repositioned on the bottom of the controller. The Chameleon-which is fully analog, sports an 8-foot cable, and comes in five different colors-is slated for an MSRP of $14.99. Pelican is also initiating a Console Protection Guarantee, which guarantees the replacement of any console damaged by a Pelican product. Details of the program are available inside all applicable Pelican product boxes.
- by John Marrin
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