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EverQuest Onslaught

Sony Online Entertainment revs up for flood of new EQ titles
Reaching the pinnacle of online RPG gaming is no easy task, but neither is staying on top. That's why we're sure to see a slew of new EverQuest games from Sony Online Entertainment.
Given its status as designated heir to the MMORPG dynasty, all eyes are on EverQuest II for the PC. In the sequel, which boasts larger and more lush environments with greater graphic detail, about half the familiar game world of Norrath remains, but it has been remarkably visually enhanced. Also freshening up the experience are a new weapons system that introduces wear-and-tear, bonuses for being more knowledgeable in the use of weapons, player-owned real estate, and player-driven ships.
Computer gamers aren't the only ones getting a new EQ fix-on PlayStation 2, EverQuest Online Adventures will see its first expansion package, Frontiers. Gamers can now play as the mega-magic-wielding race of Ogres, and all character and creature models have been redesigned with an eye on increased detail. After accounting for the new areas that have been added, more than 500 square miles of territory are now explorable. Breaking completely new territory is Lords of EverQuest for the PC, a real-time strategy game based upon the massively multiplayer original. After choosing from among 15 playable lords from three very different factions, Lords of EverQuest players will command armies comprised of more that 100 humans, Elves, Dwarves, Fiends, or Dragons. After mastering the solo game, gamers can join up to 12 people in online or network multiplayer matches.
Launching on the PC, PlanetSide is a ground-pounding, first-person perpetual-future war game. Players of this massively multiplayer universe join one of three empires as infantry, snipers, stealth commandos, engineers, hackers, medics, pilots, or drivers. After signing in, troops get their missions to blast away and claim someone else's territory. Success is rewarded with higher rank, better pay, and better missions. PlanetSide is due for release at around the same time as E3.
- By George T. Chronis
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