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Disc Happy at Buena Vista Games

TRON 2.0 reinterprets the first-person action game
BV Games, Disney Interactive's new brand, will grace its first game label later this year with the release of TRON 2.0, an FPS developed for the PC by Monolith. An extension of the original TRON movie and earlier games, this new iteration sees the son of the original TRON developer (played in the film by Bruce Boxleitner) engage in an expansive adventure in which an information universe is under viral attack. Syd Mead, the film's original concept designer, has been involved with TRON 2.0 since its inception, so there's continuity with the previous stories. Rather than forcing common FPS conventions onto the highly original TRON world, the creative team chose to redefine the game's weapons and goals to make sense in a story that includes technology ranging from the Internet to PDAs. Fear not, though-the handy disc weapon and speedy light cycles have not been forsaken.
Although it's a creation of the Walt Disney Internet Group, Toon Town Online for the PC-a massively multiplayer game for the under-10-year-old crowd-is another big Buena Vista draw. Players create their own toon and enter a colorful cartoon world that's under siege by malfunctioning mechanical Cogs. To stop the Cogs from taking over swaths of toon real estate and turning it into lifeless gray neighborhoods, players must employ their only weapon: comic gags they learn and develop with experience.
Game tie-ins to recent and upcoming Disney motion pictures are also plentiful this year. Three action adventures- Spy Kids 3 Game Over for GBA and PC, Lizzie McGuire for GBA, and Brother Bear for GBA and PC are all on the way. Also on display are new editions of the Disney Princess simulation series, featuring heroines from the studio's animated films: Disney Princess Cinderella's Castle Designer and Disney Princess Horse Show, both for PC and Mac.
- By George T. Chronis

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