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Artifact Focuses on Horizons

Online RPG set to launch in fall 2003
In the fall of 2003, gamers can choose to play a massively multiplayer online RPG as a character type no other online game has ever offered: a Dragon. It's just one of several elements that Artifact Entertainment and publisher Atari hope will differentiate Horizons from the rest of the crowded MMORPG field.
"With Horizons, we wanted to create a world where players would have a massive impact on their environment-a dynamic place where cataclysmic events could change the appearance and function of the world in real time, right before your eyes," explained David Bowman, creative director and co-president of Artifact Entertainment. To that end, Horizons will allow gamers ample freedom, choices, and player interaction in the fantasy world of Istaria.
"Our advanced world-building capabilities, the seamless integration of changes into the Horizons universe, and, most important, the inherently dynamic nature of extensive player-run communities are sure to deliver a level of immersion and interaction not seen before," Bowman elaborated. More information regarding Horizons can be found at 
- By George Jones

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