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How do you want your video?

Posted BY: FoolThrottle, Wednesday, April 26, 2006, 5:55PM EST

Video, delivered through the web is pretty standard these days. Or is it? We sat down and puzzled through all the different types of videos we're going to have to produce this year and the permutations and combinations were staggering. It's a little like ordering coffee at Starbucks with hundreds of possible combinations to feed that addiction to caffiene and that thirst for variety (or is it a thirst for caffiene and an addition to variety?) Check this out:

First you have different "shows". You've got videos from Floored, FanCam, GameTrailers, and the Press Events.

Second, you have a choice of "formats". GameTrailers can be watched in Windows Media or Quicktime and downloaded for your iPod. The rest can be watched in Flash with available iPod versions for download as well. And all of our original content can be downloaded and watched full-screen through E3TV.

Now, consider the technically baffling issue of "aspect ratio". This is the sinister problem that causes your nightly news to be a square box in the middle of your widescreen TV, or maybe it causes your DVD movie to be a stumpy wide rectangle on your old tube TV. We have a mixture of widescreen stuff and standard stuff coming to us off the floor.

So, in a similar fit of varietal thirst that brought us the "double shot, low fat, no foam latte", here are some combinations to look out for:

FanCam can be watched as "Pillar-boxed streaming widescreen flash"

Floored can be watched as "Letter-boxed progressive-download full-screen windows media"

and my favorite, the Nintendo Press event will be available as a "Letter-boxed iPod-compatible MPEG4 podcast"

You can, of course, simply click over to Floored and FanCam, make a playlist, and just watch, completely oblivious to the myriad of choices we've offered you. What's the fun in that?

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