Konami games
This year, at E3, Konami unveiled more than 20 new titles for all platforms.
This year, at E3, Konami unveiled more than 20 new titles for all platforms.

"Konami is taking a leading role in digital entertainment, continuing our rich 30 year legacy of providing fun, engaging and innovative content for gamers," said Kazumi Kitaue, Chief Executive Officer, Konami Digital Entertainment. "This year, Konami has its most high-profile line-up ever in its history. From our hit franchises to family favorites to brand new properties, Konami provides something unique for gamers of all ages and abilities."

Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME™ (DDR EXTREME) takes the dance craze to a whole new level of interaction with the EyeToy™ USB Camera for the PlayStation&#reg;2. Players can now use their hands and feet to dance to more than 70 new songs, showcasing over 100 minutes of pulsating music, for the ultimate interactive dancing experience.

Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX™2 offers an all-new line-up of hit songs, new gameplay modes and enhanced Xbox Live™ support. Gamers can compete head-to-head with friends across the country, participate in online tournaments, upload content and download new songs and characters for added replay value that will keep the dance party going all year-round.

Karaoke Revolution™ Volume 2 is the follow-up to last year's critically-acclaimed and first-ever interactive karaoke video game that rates players' vocals on pitch and rhythm.

Boktai™ 2: Solar Boy Django continues the vampire-hunting adventures of Django in this second installment of the innovative series that gets gamers playing in the sun via the built-in solar sensor on the Game Boy Advance cartridge. Armed with more sunlight-powered weapons, new characters and enhanced role playing game elements, Boktai 2 is the perfect game for any action/RPG player to have fun in the sun!

Frogger (Working Title) will feature innovative gameplay, new characters, and dynamic environments, with more levels than previous games in the popular franchise. Frogger for "PSP" and Nintendo DS will also be the first time the series will feature detailed 3D graphics for a handheld system. This title is not yet concept approved by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Gradius&#reg; V features the Vic Viper spaceship as well as amazing new graphics, seven expansive levels, a new Options controls feature, internet high-score rankings, and 2-player simultaneous play - a first for the Gradius series.

King Arthur lets players take control of the heroes of the upcoming motion picture from Jerry Bruckheimer. Join the Knights as one of five playable characters, including Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere, each with unique weapons and skills. With 3 medieval modes of battle, photo-realistic environments and seamless transitions from film to gameplay, King Arthur beautifully re-creates the events of this legendary tale.

Nano Breaker™ delivers over-the-top action in this futuristic adventure. Controlling a unique shape-shifting Plasma Blade, Nano Breaker features a myriad of gameplay options that allow players to rip their way through an extraordinary sci-fi world to face off against an army of monster machines.

Neo Contra™ introduces an action-packed experience in an all-new 3D isometric view for the first time on PlayStation 2. With more dynamic shooting action, a slew of brand new weapons, a customized Hit Rate system to keep track of scoring and beautifully rendered CG cinematic sequences, Neo Contra will provide hours of intense action and entertainment.

Phantom Crash 2050 will have gamers battling it out for supremacy as they square off their best bots against players across the world. In this fast-paced arcade style game, gamers will be instantly pulled into this post-apocalyptic battle field, where only one will be crowned the world champion.

Rave Master™ hits North America in October 2004. Blending elements of action, fighting and RPG adventure into one complete package, players will assume the role of Haru Glory, a teenage boy who is bestowed with the power to wield a legendary sword, as he embarks on a quest to defeat the evil "Dark Brings." This title is not yet concept approved by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Shaman King™: Master of Spirits lets players assume the role of Yoh Asakura who must traverse multiple stages filled with perils, enemies and traps in order to stop a diabolical shaman from the resurrecting the evil "Guardian of Demons." Meshing characters from the Shaman King TV series with an original storyline as well as characters exclusive to the video game, players will make their way through this action-packed adventure to become the King of all Shamans in this original Game Boy Advance title!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ 2 is based on the hit animated TV series on the FoxBox. Packed with four-player cooperative and head-to-head gameplay, gamers are in for a wild ride as they assume the role of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael to battle against The Shredder and his evil clan of Foot Ninjas. As an added bonus, TMNT2 allows gamers to unlock the classic TMNT arcade-games of their youth for more Turtles shell-splitting action!

Enthusia Professional Racing puts gamers right in the driver seat of the ultimate racing simulation with groundbreaking gameplay mechanics, enhanced physics and pixel-perfect graphics. Enthusia delivers racing realism via an innovative and proprietary Visual Gravity System, giving gamers the ability to "feel" the G-forces exerted by high-speed driving and maneuvering.

Rumble Roses™ is the first and only all-female wrestling game. Packed with jaw-dropping graphic detail and realistic gameplay, with all the wrestlers having their own unique features and moves, Konami will have gamers drooling in their seats when the beautiful ladies of Rumble Roses hit the ring.

Shaman King™: Power of Spirit follows the story of Yoh Asakura, a junior high student who has the power to communicate with ghosts and spirits. Providing a fun mix of adventure and fighting strategy, Shaman King: Power of Spirit fuses beautiful 3D graphics with in-game movies and animations to bring the original story and characters to life.

Yu-Gi-Oh!™ Capsule Monster Coliseum is the next exciting addition to the world-wide gaming phenomenon, based on the top-rated Yu-Gi-Oh! animated TV show and popular trading card game. Bringing a new twist to the gameplay, Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum challenges players to put their skills to the test in this turn-based board dueling game.

Yu-Gi-Oh!™ Destiny Board Traveler takes the series to a new level as up to four players can link up with friends using the Game Boy&#reg; Advance Game Link&#reg; Cable for simultaneously dueling action. Choose from more than eight characters, each with a unique ability, and duke it out with friends to determine the ultimate duelist. <br /> <br /> <i>Yu-Gi-Oh!™ Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion</i> will feature an all-new interface, new 2-player LAN play, enhanced strategies and hundreds of new cards to take to the card battling field. Players will also be able to import acquired cards from <i>Yu-Gi-Oh! Power Chaos: Yugi the Destiny</i> and <i>Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge</i>, to create the ultimate deck to duel against friends.<br /> <br /> <i>Suikoden&#reg; IV</i> features a new world of beautiful islands and vast oceans. Gamers will experience a unique combat system with dynamic camera angles, as well as significant enhancements to the world and characters through dynamic lighting, high-polygon 3D models and full character voice-overs to make the newest adventure in the renowned series, a must-have for all RPG fans. <br /> <br /> <i>Ys: The Ark of Napishtim</i> is the sixth game in the multi-million selling series from Japan's most popular RPG series for PC. Assuming the role of Adol Christin, players will embark on an epic journey packed with adventure, exciting plot twists and unforgettable characters. Set on a solitary tropical island in the Great vortex of Canaan, <i>Ys: The Ark of Napishtim</i> delivers an action-packed RPG with a uniquely deep and compelling gameplay experience. <br /> <br /> <i>Yu-Gi-Oh!™ Reshef of Destruction</i> lets players embark on an all-new adventure to stop Reshef, "The Dark Being," from consuming the world with darkness. <i>Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction</i> features 800 cards, including the Egyptian God Cards, to help players battle over 100 duelists as they build their deck to face off against Reshef and the mysterious force that awaits them.</span></td> <td width="10" valign="top" align="left"><img src="../../images/spacer.gif" alt="" width="10" height="1" border="0"></td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> <tr><td colspan="4" valign="top"><img src="../../images/spacer.gif" alt="" width="1" height="40" border="0"></td></tr> </table> </td> <td width="8" valign="top" align="left" background="../../images/secondary/mainWormTopRightBackground.gif"><img src="../../images/photoPax/mainWormTopRight02.gif" alt="" width="8" height="123" border="0"></td> <td width="10" bgcolor="#b5b1a7" valign="top" align="left"><img src="../../images/photoPax/dividerTop.gif" alt="" width="10" height="123" border="0"></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="12" bgcolor="#b5b1a7" valign="top" align="left"> </td> <td width="519" colspan="3" valign="top" align="left"><img src="../../images/secondary/mainContentBottom.gif" alt="" width="519" height="40" border="0"></td> <td width="10" bgcolor="#b5b1a7" valign="top" align="left"><img src="../../images/spacer.gif" alt="" width="10" height="1" border="0"></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="541" colspan="5" bgcolor="#b5b1a7" valign="top" align="left"><img src="../../images/secondary/e3InsiderFooter.gif" alt="" width="541" height="106" border="0"></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="541" colspan="5" bgcolor="#b5b1a7" valign="top" align="center"> <table width="541" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr><td align="center"><img src="images/spacer.gif" width="1" height="10" alt="" border="0" /></td></tr> <tr> <td align="center"> <span class="footerLinks"> <a href="../../aboutUs.htm">About Us!</a> | <a href="" target="_blank"></a> </span> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align="center"> <span class="footerLegal"> Copyright © 2004 E<sup>3</sup>. 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