Def Jam Fight For NY
Get ready to hit the streets of New York
Get ready to hit the streets of New York with EA GAMES and Def Jam in the ultimate battle for control of the hip-hop underground in Def Jam Fight For NY.

The ruthless gangster D-Mob has escaped from police custody and returns home to find his stranglehold on the New York underground fight club circuit threatened by brutal newcomer Crow. As one of D-Mobís crew, itís time to step up and take Crow down. Succeed and the world is yours. Fail andÖ well, you donít want to fail.

Def Jam Fight For NY features a totally revamped fighting engine challenging gamers to master multiple fighting styles, interact with their environments, and get creative with dozens of weapons, like bottles, tools, and two-by-fours.

Def Jam Fight For NY delivers the biggest stars and the hottest music. Throughout the gameís gritty Story Mode, players will encounter more than 40 of todayís most recognizable hip-hop artists and personalities, from Ludacris and Busta Rhymes to Lilí Kim and Carmen Electra. The game also includes an over-the-top soundtrack loaded with hot new tracks and old school hits from Def Jam and beyond.
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