High-Speed Thrills
High-octane combat and vehicular pursuit from Sony

Unadulterated action, from the ancient world to today's urban streets, is what heads Sony Computer Entertainment of America's game portfolio.

Plenty of games have taken their inspiration from Greek mythology, but not the way Sony's God of War (PS2, 2005) has. The game is set in a darker era and features a brutal warrior who is sent on a quest full of fierce enemies and environments. Players get to create their own mythology as they master the fighting system based on double chain-blade weapons.

Killzone moves PS2 warriors off of Earth during a time of interplanetary colonization. A rogue colony revolts, forcing the player to defend against superior firepower. One or two people can play this first-person title that features a selection of 25 weapons inspired by those used today. Up to 16 can play online. Guerrilla Games is developing Killzone for release by the end of 2004.

London's underworld is once again running amok in The Getaway 2 (PS2, winter 2004). A new set of three playable gangsters is featured in a scenario that's set two years after the events in the original game. A bank heist goes wrong and players are thrust into the ride of their lives through the streets of London, 25 miles of which have been modeled in detail.

As the gold standard of console racers, Gran Turismo 4 can be sold on its name alone. But don't worry, developer Polyphony Digital has concentrated its energies on providing more cars (more than 500), better realism from a new physics engine, more courses (up to 100), and three race modes: arcade, simulation, and six-player online.


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