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Sega has really hit its stride as a software-only company, further exemplified by this year's offerings for all the major platforms. On PS2 is Altered Beast, in which gamers play as special military operatives with the unique ability to transform into a variety of creatures, from a werewolf to a dragon, each bringing unique combat skills to the fray. Then there's Astro Boy, which re-creates the manga universe of the cult Japanese animated character. There's also Astro Boy: Omega Factor for Game Boy Advance.

Blood Will Tell, a samurai epic for PS2, adapts another manga creation from Astro Boy creator Osamu Tezuka, while Headhunter: Redemption puts players in the role of cop or sidekick in a dystopic future. There's also Sonic Mega Collection Plus, which brings together nine classic Sonic games and Sega's EyeToy offering, Sega Super Stars, which features classic Sega characters and games redesigned for the interactive peripheral.

On Xbox, there's Spikeout–Battle Street, an action-fighting game that allows gamers to play cooperatively or competitively via Xbox Live. With 16 different playable characters available and new items downloadable to customize them, Spikeout will always be different. Then there's Otagi 2, which takes place in the same Japanese setting as the original Otagi game, but with a new cast of six playable characters, an entirely new engine, and multiple endings possible.

For GameCube, the party game Amazing Island lets players create their own monsters and pit them against one another in more than 30 different competitions. You can also transfer monsters to your GBA for solo play or to get additional monster-building items. Puyo Pop Fever is a revamped version of Sega's puzzle game for the Cube, while Virtua Quest for GameCube and PS2 combines elements of role-playing with over 45 special fighting moves from Virtua Souls.

And then there's that MMORPG that re-creates the virtual world of The Matrix that Sega's holding a briefing on today at its booth from 10:00 a.m. to noon. Dubbed The Matrix Online, the PC game shipping this fall will offer "wire-fu" combat, an extensive mission structure, and completely customizable skills and abilities. Whoa.

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