Pronounced: "Fay-Tahl-Eh-Tee"
It sounds like the word in the dictionary, but it means something very different. Fatal1ty is the online handle of Jonathan Wendel, the most successful professional gamer in history. Think you can give him a run for his money? This week is your chance to find out. The man himself is at the show, ready to take on the first 100 comers each day who want to challenge him in the game of their choice. Winners may walk away with a $1,000 prize. Losers may walk away in disbelief at Fatal1ty's unbelievable gaming skills.

Wendel is on hand to promote the debut of ABIT's new Fatal1ty hardware line, which includes a series of high-end motherboards, graphics cards, and cooling systems, as well as the Fatal1ty/PWX Fatbox gaming PC from Auravision.


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