Familiar Names, New Faces
Blizzard's 2004 lineup reimagines old franchises

This year will finally see a new StarCraft title--it just won't be a real-time strategy title. Developed by Nihilistic Software under Blizzard's supervision, StarCraft: Ghost marks Blizzard's first real foray away from the PC and onto consoles. Available later this year for GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox, Ghost drops gamers knee-deep into the gritty sci-fi StarCraft game world as an elite Ghost unit from the RTS classic. The tense stealth-action gameplay will let players utilize all of the Ghost's special abilities, as well as call in massive Battlecruiser strikes in stunning 3D environments.

Also out later this year: World of WarCraft, Blizzard's first attempt at a massively multiplayer RPG. Already well into a long-term open beta phase, WOW, like Ghost, allows gamers to experience a beloved gaming universe on a much more personal level. While WOW is as graphically rich as any game on the market, Blizzard is hoping to revitalize the MMO genre with gameplay that rewards all play styles.

Both games can be played at Blizzard's booth here at the show.

Game trailers courtesy of gametrailers.com


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