Genre Jumpers
Agetec offers something for everyone

Brainiacs and brawlers will each find something to like among Agetec's four new PS2-exclusive titles. Echo Night: Beyond, a sci-fi survival-adventure game, is set on a haunted lunar colony. Mech-fighting fans will appreciate the latest game in the Armored Core series, Armored Core: Nexus--its two-disc package includes one disc full of new missions and mechs and another that revisits graphically overhauled past missions and unveiled secrets.

Combat and contemplation come together in Kuon, a horror story set in ancient Japan that's told in a traditional Japanese storytelling style. In it, players solve mysteries and fight monsters during the Heiankyo period (794-1192). And RPG fans aren't left out, either: Wild Arms Alter Code: F retells the legendary tale of the Wild Arms game released seven years ago. The title takes gameplay elements from the original and reproduces them in a fully 3D world.

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