Welcome to Natsume's World
Rustic character adventures and fantasy role-playing

What would you do for a magical kiss? That's just the kind of question you'll find in Natsume's games, which mix quirky Japanese customs with charming adventure and role-playing elements.

In Chulip, set for a fall release on PlayStation 2, a kiss means everything to a young boy in a new town. Before he can win his true love's affections, he must devote his energies to bringing the moribund town back to life.

Life is a little old-fashioned in Forget-me-not Valley. This winter's Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life 2 for GameCube puts players in the shoes of a woman who wants to charm herself a man and raise a family in a pastoral setting--and raise one mean garden, too.

Working from a similar premise is this fall's Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town 2 (GBA), which is about a city girl who believes an advertisement, only to find she's bought a run-down farm.


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