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Innovations abound in America's Army

The U.S. Army continues to deliver with America's Army--the game simply broadens and deepens with every new addition. In the latest iteration, the U.S. Army is making the jump from dismounted to mounted, adding vehicles to the gameplay.

You'll be able to drive the Stryker, the Army's Interim Armored Vehicle currently being utilized in Iraq, and deploy its weapons or ride as a passenger to the site of operations. The game will also feature the Javelin missile system, which will demonstrate its effects on battles in historically based settings.

The recent Special Forces add-on to America's Army will also be further expanded, with intel, communication, and survival skills added to the list of what a Green Beret learns. For example, you'll study how to read enemy documents and use the information you glean. Employable minefields and damage to structures will also be incorporated into the game.

The U.S. Army is also introducing middleware software, so in addition to using the game's 300 official servers, users will be able to set up servers anywhere in the world.

During E3, the U.S. Army is displaying a Blackhawk helicopter and holding air assault demonstrations outside the convention center.

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