Sammy Studios Unveils Action-Heavy Lineup
Darkwatchon display in specially built in-booth theater

There's a lot of activity at Sammy Studios' booth this year as the company begins an aggressive push into the gaming market. Leading the charge is Darkwatch, a vampiric Western-themed FPS created by Sammy's American studio that's set to ship in Q4 of this year for PS2 and Xbox. A playable demo of the game is on display in a 30-person theater at the company's booth.

Spy Fiction takes some winning formulas from the action-stealth genre and introduces a few of its own as it sneaks onto the show floor, and onto PS2 by the end of 2004. Among the new conventions: high-tech camouflage gear and a number of action minigames. Playable versions are on hand.

A notable acquisition is The Shield, based on the FX channel's police drama of the same name. Sammy is working closely with the show's creators and writers to develop the game's plot. The Shield is slated for release in mid-2005.

Iron Phoenix also looks to break new ground as a 16-player online fighting game for Xbox. Blending strategic team play with weapon-based melee combat, the game is being demoed at the show with 4-on-4 tournaments.


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