Marvelous Partner
Activision, EA, THQ, Vivendi partner with Marvel Comics

Never before has Marvel been at the forefront of so many hit movies and hit games. There are three titles coming out this year that the company feels will really perform, said Ames Kirshen, manager of game development at Marvel. "Spider-Man 2 from Activision is just a huge game," he said--and he means that literally. The open-ended environment means the game world will basically be a big sandlot where you can play as Spidey, doing everything our favorite arachnid hero can do, from stopping a car chase to taking on supervillains.

Another Activision title featuring Marvel characters is X-Men Legends, an action-RPG along the lines of Baldur's Gate and Diablo, said Kirshen. "It really takes advantage of the team-based facet of the X-Men," he said. You'll have 15 or more Xers on your roster and will be able to control four at a time.

The third big 2004 title is THQ's The Punisher, which features a real-time interrogation mechanic via which you just might have to threaten a thug or two with a wood chipper in order to get them to talk. "It's going to be a real treat for the fans," he said.
And that's just this year. Marvel and its amazing friends have a slew of titles in the works for 2005 and beyond, including Fantastic Four and Iron Man (Activision holds the rights to both games, with movies coming out next year). There's also EA's fighting game that uses Marvel characters, as well as a Hulk game in development, which Vivendi will pair with the sequel film. Vivendi is also working on a massively multiplayer RPG set in the Marvel universe.


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