Gamers get inside through E3 Insider
It's not fair. Every year, E3 has over 1,000 new videogames and devices on display and those who want them the most, gamers, can't get in. E3 is an industry-only event designed to bring together developers, publishers, press, and buyers in a nuclear fusion of eye-popping demos, techno-wizardry, and high stakes deals.

Proving that E3 can be as innovative as its exhibitors, they have launched the expanded E3 Insider to bring the excitement of E3 home to consumers. Since E3 produces the site itself, gamers can see things that they can't find anywhere else; behind-the-scenes stories, facts, photos, and original video news shows. This year, E3 added FanCam, a video diary featuring a gamer to experiencing using a unique dual-camera helmet.

What is Floored?
Floored, E3 Insider's video news show will be published three times daily from May 12 through May 14. In addition, Floored will produce three Pre-E3 Special Reports on Tuesday featuring major news from the Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft's press events. Floored episodes will occasionally include Send an Agent segments in which the viewers can vote on what they would like to learn about what's happening at E3. Another segment, Hidden Gems, will feature promising games and devices that snuck under the press radar. Expect to see the return of Stacee Barcelata and Oliver Nejad as the hosts of Floored.

What is Inside E3
At Inside E3, you will find articles that cover the products on display at E3 as well as insider scoops from the perspective of the producers of E3. You may find some amazing facts about E3 here.

What is PhotoPax?
The PhotoPax section captures the show through photo essays - groups of related photos and game shots that tell a story about what is happening at E3. Here you will find shots of the busy show floor, the massive booths and dazzling display, and of course, the people who attend and exhibit at the show. This year, you will also see more games through high resolution screen shots. Often these game screen shots will be accompanied by shots of the exhibitor's booth so you can see the games in the context as you would if you were really there - a feature unique to E3 Insider.

What is Insider's Blog?
For up-to-the-minute details on what's happening at the show, users can monitor the Insider's Blog, a running diary of late-breaking news, anecdotes, and links to related information. Written by the editors of E3 Insider, this new feature will allow E3 to deliver a much wider range of information in smaller bites.

What is the Newsroom?
The Newsroom returns this year, but there's a major improvement - now you can see all of the E3-related press releases from all the game publishers right within the website. This direct feed from Business Wire is the most up-to-date and complete selection of E3-related press releases you will find anywhere.

What is FanCam?
The biggest addition to this year's site is FanCam. While helmet cameras aren't unique, E3 has produced a slick new variation using two incredibly small lipstick cameras, state-of-the-art digital lighting, and a wireless remote control. Some of the footage you will see includes one-on-one conversations with developers, head-to-head game-play with celebrity gamers, backstage tours, and walkthroughs of the coolest exhibits.

Are there sponsors for E3 Insider?
E3 Insider partnered with five sponsors this year, Mountain Dew, Blockbuster's Gamerush, TechTV's X-Play, Google, and Hollywood Records.

With a wide variety of content produced from different perspectives across all media, plus insider access to information, restricted areas, and the exhibitors themselves, E3 Insider will be the Official Virtual Gateway to E3.


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