When Pong Was King
The History of Videogames Museum is a blast from the past

Ready for a history lesson? Intellivision Productions has partnered with the organizers of the Classic Gaming Expo (CGE) to create an interactive museum of gaming history in celebration of this year's 10th annual E3.

The History of Videogames Museum explores the rich history of the videogame industry and features such classic consoles as the Magnavox Odyssey (the world's first home videogame system), Atari 2600, Colecovision, and of course, Intellivision. Nearly every videogame console ever created--up to and including the current generation of 3D powerhouses--is represented in the exhibit, along with their respective game libraries. You can even sit down in a 1980s-style living room and experience these classic systems for yourself!

Consoles aren't the only things on parade at the museum--PC fanatics are getting their own taste of gaming history, as several classic computer systems are also on display. Remember the Commodore 64? How about the Apple II? Check out these and more, and see just how far computer gaming has evolved since those long-gone days.

As if the console and computer gaming presentations aren't enough, the exhibit also features more than 30 stand-up arcade machines. All manner of coin-op classics, from Donkey Kong to Ms. Pac-Man, are present in all their stand-up arcade-cabinet glory.

Intellivision Productions, founded by Keith Robinson and Stephen Roney in 1997, is a group of Intellivision programmers who developed games for the Mattel Electronics--owned system during its prime. This group, also answering to the name "The Blue Sky Rangers," was named by Digital Press as the Classic Game Publisher of the Year in 2000.


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