The Force Is With Them

Turtle Beach celebrates its 40-year anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, the company is showing an expansive lineup of new hardware at E3, designed to create ever more immersive audio experiences for gamers.

HyperSound Clear is Turtle Beach's groundbreaking audio solution for the hearing-impaired. The upcoming line is designed to enhance home entertainment for people who suffer from hearing loss. HyperSound Clear uses the company's patented directional audio technology to provide improved sound clarity and speech intelligibility for a crisp, clear TV listening experience. By connecting HyperSound Clear to an existing TV or home theater setup, players with hearing loss can enjoy the latest entertainment without the need to wear headphones, and without disturbing friends or family nearby. The HyperSound Clear speakers project sound directly to the targeted listener in a controlled narrow beam, cutting through ambient noise and alleviating the need to turn up the volume. The company announced a new partnership with American Hearing Aid Associates, one of the nation's largest and most highly regarded networks of hearing health care providers, and plans to offer the technology in products later this year.

In terms of more traditional hardware, Turtle Beach is the only accessory maker to create a fully wireless headset for Xbox One--both game and chat audio are wirelessly transmitted to the user simultaneously. Last year, the company introduced its first product in this line, the Stealth 500X. At this year's E3, Turtle Beach is showing the Stealth 420X, which packs most of the 500X high-end audio features into a compact, powerful, and affordable wireless audio experience. The Stealth 420X will retail for $179.95, beginning this July.

With a special ear for licensing opportunities, Turtle Beach has partnered with dozens of big companies in the past. At E3 2015, Turtle Beach announced that it has two exclusive headsets licensed with Lucasfilm -- coming out in time for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront video game, and for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.

The X-Wing Fighter Pilot headset features a brand new over-ear design built for extended comfort, a removable mic, and traditional orange Star Wars Rebel Alliance-themed styling. The headset is multiplatform compatible, for use with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile. The Imperial Sandtrooper, available for use on all of the same platforms, has 50mm speaker drivers and swappable speaker plates, featuring different Star Wars characters and iconic franchise moments. Both headsets launch this fall, in conjunction with the game and movie launches--and are being shown for the first time ever at E3 2015. Turtle Beach is showing its Ear Force headphone line, including the Stealth 450, Recon 50, Recon 50P, Recon 30X, Recon 60P, and PX24 models.

Finally, the company is showing its IMPACT 700 Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, designed with MX Brown key switches, a steel-reinforced chassis, and red back-lit keys, as well as the GRIP 500 Laser Gaming Mouse, which can be paired with the IMPACT 700. The IMPACT 700 and GRIP 500 are available for $199.95 and $69.95, respectively, and are--as with the rest of these offerings--available to check out at Turtle Beach's booth.

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