E3 Show Daily

Taking VR Headset Tech to the Limit

The virtual reality revolution is sweeping the industry at E3 2016, and Vuzix Corporation is set to blow away gamers and entertainment fans with its award-winning iWear Video Headphones. The lightweight and compact headset offers sparkling audio, combined with a display that functions equivalently to a 125-inch home-theater screen, seen from a distance of about 10 feet. While the iWear Video Headphones work like a home theater, they are also capable of displaying 3D TV, and can display portable and PC games at a staggering 1 million color pixels per eye, in 16:9 widescreen resolution.

The iWear Video Headphones feature an integrated tracker that monitors the orientation and movement of its wearer’s head at all times. When the head rotates, the image of the virtual world inside the headset matches that motion naturally, and with no lag. This makes the iWear Video Headphones perfect for VR games, and to that end, the headset supports leading game engines such as Unity 3D, and industry standards like the OSVR alliance.

Designed to work with existing game hardware, the iWear Video Headphones support HDMI inputs, for easy connectivity with a Blu-ray player, tablet, smartphone, PC, or gaming console. Available now to consumers from Vuzix’s website, the iWear Video Headphones represent an exciting advancement in VR, home-theater, and portable headset technology for gamers and movie-lovers alike.

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