Striking the Perfect Balance

Since entering the video game industry, Polk Audio exemplifies how perfect-pitch audio engineering can enhance the game experience. Laser-focused on creating audio solutions to help players immerse themselves in video games' virtual worlds, the company has a new product on display at E3 2015: the Striker Pro headset.

The Striker Pro features Polk's Patented Dynamic Balance Driver Design, which creates a realistic, balanced, and natural audio experience for users. The product meets the needs of PC, mobile, and console gamers, providing an integrated headset to work seamlessly across platforms--without sacrificing performance. Users can switch conveniently between different game modes, with detachable cables designed to enhance each specific user platform.

The included connect cable allows for hands-free control of the user's iOS device, from skipping songs to adjusting the volume and making phone calls without having to touch the device. The console dual-jack controller connect cable is designed for high fidelity. Polk's custom console connect cable is designed to enhance mic performance and remove crosstalk. An extra-long, detachable PC connect cable also removes crosstalk, and the headphones are equipped with two different microphone options: an iOS-compatible mic designed for use with mobile devices, as well as a detachable boom mic for PC and console game play. For gamers looking for immersive experiences when they play, Polk Audio's Striker Pro headset may be the ultimate audio solution.

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  • Polk Audio

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