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Pico Interactive Inc. Aims to Miniaturize VR

A new entrant is joining the virtual reality space, bringing with it a novel take on VR hardware. Pico Interactive Inc. is debuting the Pico Neo, a standalone VR system built on Android OS. The headset puts a 1K Active Matrix OLED display in front of each eye, pumping out visuals from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor (the same processor found in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge), and running Android 6.0—AKA “Marshmallow.” The Pico Neo also includes an integrated game pad, reminiscent of a classic 8-bit console controller.

The novel thing about all this is that the processing unit resides inside that diminutive game pad. With the heavy lifting being done by a unit that players hold in their hands, the headset weighs in light and comfortable for longer VR sessions. In addition to eliminating the need to strap a large phone or small tablet to the user’s face, Pico Neo’s integrated game pad eliminates the need to purchase a pricey Bluetooth controller. Even better, the Pico Neo sacrifices only a small amount of the portability that phone or table-based systems offer.

With an expected launch later this year, the Pico Neo is the flagship product of the fledgling Pico Interactive. E3 attendees can experience the product for themselves at booth 2800 in the South Hall.

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