Mech World

Lots of gamers enjoy nothing more than hard-fought battle in a giant, robotic combat suit. Encore Software's new title Goliath takes the mech concept to the max, delivering a new level of strategy by allowing players to build their own mechs from scratch.

Developed by Whalebox Studio (Viking Brothers) and published by Encore Software imprint Viva Media, Goliath puts players into a world made from fragments of a hundred ancient civilizations. Players find themselves transported to a place where marooned space ships lie next to wrecked pirate ships--a world that also happens to be roamed by monstrous giants.

To survive against these massive threats, players must build their own mechs from the ground up. These mechanized suits, called Goliaths, are made from a variety of different materials including traditional metal, stone, and wood. However in this game, crafting a Goliath is only the beginning.

Inhabitants of this harsh world also need to scavenge the materials they need to build tools for their survival, such as fortresses for shelter and protection, and specialty items like healing salves. In addition, players must explore the unforgiving land in search of materials and schematics to craft new weapons, armor, and other equipment for their Goliaths. All of this happens amidst a world-spanning conflict between four powerful factions.

A procedurally generated world ensures that no two games are identical, and for even more variety players can team up in two-player co-op or take their creations head-to-head in arena combat. Goliath is due for Windows, Mac, and Linux in the spring of 2016.

  • Exhibitor:
  • Encore Software

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