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E3 Insider Exclusive: The Making of E3 2016

Every year during E3, the Internet is blanketed in a wave of media, social chatter, news, screenshots, press conferences, game trailers, and interviews about all things video games. Rightly so, as E3 is the game industry's biggest event of the year! But here at E3 Insider, we also want to give you a glimpse into a different side of E3 -- from inside the show itself.

We're building a collection of behind-the-scenes photos and videos, to give you a peek behind the curtain of how E3 is made. Check out the videos below, showing E3 being built -- literally from the ground up -- at the Los Angeles Convention Center. You might even learn a few fun facts along the way!

Pretty cool, eh? E3 is being built as we post this, so be sure to check our our video page often (you might bump into a game trailer or two you like, while you're in there!). We'll also have more exclusive making-of-E3 videos, as the show unfolds.

Meanwhile, below are just a few of our behind-the-scenes photos. You can always browse our constantly growing photo gallery, for tons more incredible shots of the whole E3 build-up!

Don't forget to tune into E3 Insider for official E3 press conferences live streams, beginning Sunday, June 12. We always get spectacular shots from each of these events, and add even more amazing photos and videos when E3 opens its doors.

We hope you'll enjoy all of these exclusive inside looks at E3 2016, which you can only find here at E3 Insider!

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