Inside E3

E3 2016: A Huge Success!

E3 2016 is coming to a close -- and more than 70,000 people participated in the week’s events, including 50,300 video game professionals, analysts, journalists, and enthusiasts... not to mention the 20,000 fans who attended our first-ever E3 Live event. More than 250 exhibitors were at E3 2016, with more than 1,600 products on display.

Get a taste of what all these attendees experienced over the course of the week in our handy recap video below. And make sure to check out all of the awesome stuff we've brought to you here on E3 Insider, including the pre-show press conferences, our exclusive Making of E3 2016 video series, an extensive photo gallery, and the 2016 Into the Pixel art gallery.


We'll see you at E3 2017, taking place from June 13-15, 2017. Make sure to keep your eyes on the offical E3 Expo website, Twitter account, and YouTube channel for more information about next year's show. Whether you were an attendee, or watched all of the exciting news at home, we hope you enjoyed E3 2016!

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