E3 Show Daily

ABZU Inspires Awe

505 Games is featuring a unique title at E3 2016: developer Giant Squid’s ABZU. Helmed by Matt Nava, art director for the critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 title Journey, ABZU moves away from traditional portrayals of underwater simulation and lets players explore this awe-inspiring world as they choose. No gauges or oxygen meters cause players to worry about their health or needing to surface; instead, the thrust of ABZU is meaningful and respectful interactions with realistic underwater environments and their many denizens.

Unlike many simulation titles, ABZU offers complete freedom of movement, emphasizing exploration and encounters with wildlife. The flow of gameplay precludes fail states or other breaks; instead, ABZU presents players with game mechanics that focus on the majesty of the game’s awe-inspiring underwater environment. Populating that world are tens of thousands of fish from a variety of species, which are aware of each other and the player, and which follow rules that mimic real-life fish behavior. This leads to emergent situations like fish darting away from predators, and Earthlike food chain simulation, all made possible by Giant Squid’s unique animation and rendering techniques.  Available later this year for PS4 and PC (via Steam), ABZU from 505 Games promises to be a gaming experience that truly immerses gamers in the world of life teeming beneath the sea.

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