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Interview with Gears of War Developer Cliff Bleszinski

Thursday, May 11, 2006, 11:06AM EST

Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer, Epic Games, talks about working on the Xbox 360 shooter Gears of War, and what’s in store for the new game, on display at the Microsoft booth.

What will the focus of Gears of War be for this E3 in terms of gameplay?

We will finally allow everyone to play the game. We will continue our tradition of showing real, honest-to-god, in-engine content. We will impress the fans, the press, and industry with a game that plays as good as it looks.

What does next-generation technology bring to the table?

Increased graphical fidelity coupled with great writing, acting, and facial animation will lead to the player feeling empathy for his squad mates and complete contempt for his foes.

How do you see next gen impacting the way shooters are made over the next console cycle?

With all of this horsepower and the ability to render almost photorealistic locales, developers have to be aware of a reduced clarity of experience for gamers. When graphics are simple it’s obvious where the foes are and what they do; the flat walls cause the foes to pop out more. When you’re in a next-gen detailed jungle and your opponent is wearing camouflage, suddenly just spotting them is that much trickier. We have to use tricks such as stage/rim lighting on the foes to make sure that the player can figure out what, exactly, is going on a moment-to-moment basis.

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