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London Calling

Thursday, May 11, 2006, 12:21PM EST

The London portrayed in the action role-playing game Hellgate: London features a demon invasion of Earth.

England's capital seemed a perfect choice for the game's setting. Bill Roper, CEO for developer Flagship Studios, explains, "London is an ancient city that has deep mystic roots, originally founded by druids as Londinium.

"There is a whole city beneath the city, and since we wanted players to spend as much time delving beneath the earth as fighting above it, this made for perfect modern-day ‘dungeons.' Also, while people know that everything from tunnels to train tubes to Roman aqueducts to Victorian sewers to World War II bomb shelters to plague pits exist there but have never really seen them, it made great places for us to dynamically generate."

In this war-torn London, customization is king. "We have over 100 base weapon types in the game," Roper says, "and these form the foundation of the great item game we have in Hellgate: London. When a new weapon is dynamically generated, there are a host of possible attributes that may be applied to give it different properties."

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