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Modern-Day Action

Wednesday, May 10, 2006, 10:53AM EST

Grand Theft Auto III ushered in the age of interactive crime stories, a genre that continues to flourish with new games. This E3 is no different, as a number of new publishers enter into the crime spree.

With a direct link to GTA (Real Time World's Dave Jones created that franchise), Microsoft's Crackdown for Xbox 360 introduces cooperative gameplay to the action-driving genre, along with a completely interactive, high-definition urban city. This time players assume the role of the good guys.

Also tidying up someone else's mess is Nick Mason, the guy responsible for restoring peace in city overrun by gangs in Urban Chaos: Riot Response. Eidos and Rocksteady have armed Mason to the hilt to up the action ante.

From the chaos of a city to a country on the brink, Eidos' Just Cause for Xbox 360
offers players an open world to explore as they assume the role of a CIA specialist out to topple the corrupt government of South America's San Esperito. The island can be explored by land, sea, and air through a collection of 100 vehicles.

Playing the bad guys remains fun in Gangs of London for PSP. Sony's London Studio, developers of The Getaway, offer dynamic story lines enabling each player to experience their own unique progression in nearly 60 different missions that immerse gamers in an elite criminal underworld in modern-day London.

Sinners, not saints, remain the focal point of THQ's Saint's Row, which allows multiple players to join a gang via Xbox Live and work together to overthrow rival gangs. Volition has created a world of consequences, where every action impacts the game's story and world.

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