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John Woo has a Stranglehold on E3

Wednesday, May 10, 2006, 3:02AM EST

Director John Woo talks about his next-generation videogame, Stranglehold, which is on display at Midway's booth. The game is a sequel to his film Hard Boiled and stars Chow Yun-Fat.

Why did you decide to get involved in videogames?

I went to E3 several years ago and saw my action style imitated in a lot of other games, and they were not even well done. I thought I should protect my trademark and produce my own videogames. I can bring stronger characters and better storytelling to the games. I want the gameplayer to feel like they are watching a movie, except that they are in the director's seat.
What were your goals with Stranglehold?
With Stranglehold, I wanted to go back to my roots and do a gritty, emotional, and sensational game. It's kind of like my Hong Kong movie Hard Boiled, but in a more updated environment. I never believed I could have topped my action in that film, but Stranglehold will bring the action to an even higher level.

Will there be a Stranglehold movie?
I definitely want to do a Stranglehold movie. Toys and graphic novels would follow immediately.

Why are Hollywood directors getting involved in games?
I heard there are other directors who want to develop movies and games at the same time. Stranglehold is a first for me and I definitely want to do more.

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