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The Rock Takes on a Starring Role

Wednesday, May 10, 2006, 10:51AM EST

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is pulling double duty with Spy Hunter's Alex Decker. He's starring in the new game from Midway, as well as the new movie from Universal Pictures that is slated for next summer.

You get offered a lot of games. What attracted you to Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run?

A big reason for me was that the player can get out of the car now for the first time and play as Alex. Everyone shoots guns in videogames, and that's fine, and they throw grenades and things like that, but I asked Midway how much control I could have over the different ways that the character can kill people with his bare hands. And they were like, "You can have complete control," so we came up with a bunch of really, really cool, inventive ways to do away with the opponents, so to speak.

What was your experience like working on Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run?

It was first class all the way when you work with those guys and go down to the studio. It's exciting and it's cool. I had my stunt double there with me, who's also my cousin who I've known for years, so he knows my physical style of fighting. We put together a whole bunch of great moves. The voiceover was really cool. I tried to inject humor where you can, which I thought the character should have, and which the game has anyway.

Being a gamer, do you see yourself getting more involved in videogames moving forward?

Possibly, in the future. Being a gamer, it does interest me. If there's a way to come up with a cool idea conceptually to turn into a game, that would be great. The funny thing is, conceptually, we've developed a couple of movies that we actually sat down and said, you know, this would make a better videogame.

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