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Nintendo Booth Tour - A Zelda Experience

I followed our Floored crew through Nintendo's booth this morning and man-oh-man - there's a lot in that booth! The footage will be posted after we edit it down a bit for you, but I wanted to share some bits with you. We started with a whole bunch of DS play - trying out the latest Metroid Prime: Hunters, Mario Kart DS, Metroid Prime Pinball, Animal Crossing, and Nintendogs. All of these were simply amazing. We downloaded a mesmerizing Electroplankton demo onto our DS and moved on to the Zelda experience which was one of the (if not the) most amazing booth experiences at E3 2005. Link himself greets guests as they enter a dungeon-like gameplay arena where you could play an awesome fighting scene on horseback. An interactive projection of a small pond on the floor created the illusion of walking on a wooden bridge but as you walked across the bridge it collapsed beneath you! Plus, if you kicked the virtual fish, they scattered away from you - very cool. Then you passed through a hallway and were assaulted by a frightening 12 foot tall skeletal beast poking an enormous weapon through prison bars at you (fear not, Link will come around and keep you safe). Around the next bend a wolf animatronic lunges at you from overhead and can clearly see you as he follows you around the next corner. Eerie projections on the dungeon walls and a misty haze complete the environment. In this last room you can play another scene from the game before getting your oh-so-collectible Zelda shirt before running off to play Geist or Super Mario Strikers.

Nintendo DS VoIP Tech Demo!

Look at this cool Nintendo DS headset - we've been wondering what that little port on the front of the DS was for ever since its launch, and this tech demo inspires some exciting possibilities. It was a working demo with two DS units set about 25 feet apart and the sound quality was great. While they weren't commenting about the likelihood that we will see the product in the US, or what its ultimate game application would be, we would sure like to see this used for squad-based multiplayer games or simply as a VoIP phone.

Nintendo Press Event

The Nintendo Press event held this morning was full of surprises. After a few hours of sleep we managed to find ourselves at Mann's Chinese Theatre at 8 this morning ready to get set up. The crowd filling the auditorium was packed tight - really tight. The photography section required kneeling on the floor squeezed on all sides by hundreds of photographers until you completely lost feeling in your lower extremeties.

We will have complete coverage in our Floored section as well as a pile of screen shots in the Images section. In the meantime, here are the highlights:

The DS took center stage for a while, while Reggie Fils-Aime discussed the upcoming WiFi service offered through partner Gamespy. As a free service, the DS WiFi network will allow gamers to pick up a game of Mario Kart DS with up to eight players from their homes, or in a public WiFi hotspot. He also showcased a bunch of upcoming DS games.

Then Tina Wood of G4TV showcased Nintendogs, a "pet; project" of Shigeru Myamoto, who surprised the audience by popping onstage to let his virtual dog play with Tina's.

Next, Reggie surprised everyone with when he said simply (and accurately) "I; know you haven't seen this" and pulled a teeny-tiny new Gameboy model out of his jacket pocket. The Gameboy Micro, a repackaged Gameboy SP in a sleeker package with changeable skins and a brighter screen, hits the stores this fall.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata took the stage and stole the show with his revelation of the Revolution. As consoles go, this one is tiny - the size of three DVD cases stacked together. We have the full story in Floored and photos in the Images section.

Next came an impressive lineup of games for the GameCube, but the best was saved for last, The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess.

This was the third of the big three press events, and we're in shock at all we saw. Now we're looking forward to getting on the floor and playing some of this stuff!

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