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Burnout Revenge

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Taking my Revenge at EA...

Burnout Revenge, that is... and it was time for a cathartic rampage through the city streets. When you're stuck in rush hour traffic and wish you can smash your way through to work, just think of this game. I took a ride in Traffic Mode where you run this wicked timed run through the city and on the highway. You can crash through any vehicles that aren't coming at you except buses - they're bad. When time starts to run out, you need to crash vehicles for more time, and crash them I did - yeah, baby - carnage and mayhem!

I also took a drive on Xbox 360's Need For Speed: Most Wanted - a fast high-res racer demo that was unfortunately only a brief but tantalizing glimpse at the next generation.

Even though I was dizzy from the 9 high definition projectors used to make the insanely huge 360-degree (hey, that would have been a good physical metaphor for Xbox....) video projection, I found Battlefield 2 for the PC, - one I had been really hoping to check out. And thankfully, I was not disappointed. The Xbox version was there, too, offering a completely different game experience. The PC version was everything I wanted - fast, responsive, loud, and fun. I'll have to learn helicopters all over again, but I just can't wait to lose hours of teary-eyed sleep playing this when it hits the streets.

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