Time of Virtual Reality

TVR (Time of Virtual Reality) is an independent game studio developing content for emerging virtual reality and existing video game platforms.
We were founded in 2014 by Moe, Shaun and “Blade” in Beijing. After the first hands on experience of Oculus DK1, the three Chinese amigos decided to devote themselves to creating elite VR gaming experience after graduated from Peking University. Our first title Finding was developed on Oculus Mobile Jam 2015. And after months of polishing, the game was launched on Gear VR Store November 2015. Now it has 200k downloads, ranked top 6 on Free Games.
Ace Banana is the go-to project of TVR at the moment, expected to be released on PlayStation VR launch day. It’s an online multiplayer game on both PC and PlayStation with both gaming and social experience.

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