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Tommy Tallarico Rocks

Tommy Tallarico is the most successful music composer in electronic gaming.  Over the past twelve years, this affable gent has raised the collective sonic baton with quality work on such titles as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Tommorrow Never Dies, Street Hoops, Knockout Kings, Earthworm Jim (both 1 & 2)and The Terminator.  He’s collaborated with both symphony orchestras and such rock bands as Fear Factory.  He’s one talented man.

Tommy’s roles in game development require him to be inventive and inexhaustible.  Not only does he score the latest titles, he is responsible for generating virtually every sound one hears.  From tires screeching to birds peeping to bones breaking to doors slamming to the still of the night (“Silence Is a Sound,” he notes) Tallarico’s sophisticated craftsmanship is a powerful presence. 

In traditional film production, sound arrangement and scoring generally occur well after shooting finishes.  Explosions and the swatting of karate chops are foleyed in afterwards, as are swelling strings and demon trombones.  This practice becomes obsolete in electronic game creation, as designers and composers must participate in the merchandise’s day to day development.  Producers commiserate with musicians and engineers to determine how sounds will be accessed (streaming vs. downloading, instance) as well as what dramatic effect they will serve.  Tommy Tallarico’s varied abilities have him an absolute natural in these processes.

 Mr. Tallarico’s latest passion (aside from favorites like John Williams’ scores and the latest BT record) is G.A.N.G. - The Game Audio Network Guild (  This alliance of gaming professionals hopes to raise the collective profile of scoring.  G.A.N.G. functions as both a sonic think tank and a means for up and comers to network with established professionals.  The results, ideally, will benefit everyone.  Although only in existence for a short while, G.A.N.G. already boasts several hundred members. 

Tommy Tallarico has transformed what was once a minor niche market into a valid field for expression.  Noting that soundtracks to game titles can sell upwards of twenty thousand copies with no promotion; Tommy figures that somebody out there must be listening.   

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