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Strategy First Moves Beyond Strategy
Publisher diversifies game lineup with action and racing titles
Montreal publisher Strategy First, a company traditionally associated with PC strategy titles, is diversifying its lineup at this year's E3. The company's key action title, Chrome, is a first-person science-fiction game that melds elements of vehicular combat and role-playing, as players select "implants" that improve their character's abilities.
Strategy First's other non-strategy game, Xpand Rally, is a racing title built on the same engine as Chrome. Xpand Rally features more than 30 cars and 60 different tracks, and players can maintain and tune up their vehicles with more than 70 different automotive parts.
Not ignoring its roots, Strategy First will also show off Etherlords II, a tactical fantasy game that maintains the same turn-based gameplay as the previous Etherlords titles. Etherlords II adds new role-playing elements, including the player's ability to gain experience points and new skills for their heroes while commanding other units in battle. Etherlords II also improves upon the previous game's graphics.
Two totally different and original titles being shown at E3 are Nexagon: Deathmatch and Supreme Rule 2010. Nexagon is a futuristic real-time tactical strategy game in which players build and maintain fortresses while trying to infiltrate and destroy their opponent's fortress. Supreme Rule 2010 is a geopolitical strategy game with a detailed economic and political model that helps players keep control of their regions from falling into the hands of opposing countries. Active military personnel and consultants approved the details for the hundreds of military units, resulting in realistic battles.
The last two titles in Strategy First's lineup are World War II-related. World War II Frontline Command is a 3D action-strategy title in which players control squads of elite paratroopers through various missions. War Times is a more-traditional 3D real-time strategy game that lets players choose to play as the United States, England, Germany, or Russia in missions that are, in many cases, based on true incidents.
All of these Strategy First titles are PC releases.
-By Thierry Nguyen
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