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Science Fiction, Fantasy, and History
Three genres of gaming from Microsoft Game Studios
Mythology and science fiction dominate the offerings from Microsoft Game Studios, the company's PC-game side.
Mythica, a Norse mythology-based massively multiplayer online game, lets players assume the role of a Norse immortal questing to ascend to godhood by building a base of worshippers. The hero has fallen and entered the afterlife, where he must join others to battle hordes of mythical creatures, such as titans and Germanic Huldrefolk, as part of his continuing quest. Using personalization technology, Mythica tailors the adventure to individual players, making them the central focus of a story in which their actions change the world around them.
A few people have perhaps heard of Halo, Microsoft's smash Xbox hit that's now making its way to PC. The sci-fi action game includes new multiplayer maps, weapons, and vehicles, and supports up to 16 players online.
MS is also updating its best-selling RTS with the Age of Mythology expansion pack. The expansion includes the new Atlantean mythos, with new Titan god powers, new units and maps, and an extended single-player campaign.
The company will also be showing a trio of games based more in the historical than the mythical, including the RTS game Rise of Nations, in which players advance from the Stone Age to the modern age by building cities, improving their infrastructure, and expanding their borders.
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight lets gamers take the cockpit of 15 contemporary aircraft, such as the Cessna 172 Skyhawk SP and the Boeing 747-400, and participate in the most pivotal moments in the history of powered flight.
Finally, Train Simulator 2 lets gamers don an engineer's cap and thunder down the rails in a modern-day diesel locomotive or a historical steam-powered iron horse.
-By Joel Strauch
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