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New Ziff Davis magazine hits 425,000 rate base
The Ziff Davis Media Game Group (publishers of the E3 Show Daily) has announced it will increase the rate base of GMR from 225,000 to 425,000 paid readers as of the September 2003 issue. With a look and tone that appeal to a wide spectrum of core gamers, GMR (pronounced "G-M-R") debuted in January 2003, netting more than 37,000 subscriptions in its first week on the stands.
"GMR has taken off because it ties together three fundamentals of success: the right product, a large and growing market of gamers, and easy access to that market through our distribution partner," said Ziff Davis Media Game Group Publisher Lee Uniacke.
Electronics Boutique, one of the largest and best-known specialty retailers of electronic games, distributes GMR at more than 1,000 EB Games and Electronics Boutique stores. "Being sold by Electronics Boutique gets GMR directly into the hands of core gamers, with virtually no waste on the uninformed and uninterested," said Uniacke.
The September 2003 issue of GMR, which is the first with the new rate base of 425,000, closes on July 1, 2003, and will be for sale on the newsstands by August 5, 2003.

-By John Davison
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