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Bright Lights, Excitement Blazing
Empire graduates from TV to movie action
Having already received a lot of positive mileage out of its upcoming Starsky & Hutch action-racer (available on all major consoles, GBA, and PC) at past Electronic Entertainment Exhibitions, this year, Empire Interactive is broadening its ambitions with two high-profile motion-picture licenses.
This fall, Empire will ship Bad Boys II on all major consoles and the PC; the release will coincide with the DVD release of the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence summer action movie. Also set for the holidays is Bulletproof Monk for all consoles and PC, based on this spring's movie starring Chow Yun-Fat as a martial arts-skilled monk entrusted with protecting a powerful artifact.
Empire is also showing off two very different simulations. Vegas: Make It Big for the PC puts players onto the streets of the United States' gambling capital and lets them build their own resort casinos from the ground up. The casino economic model and the Vegas municipal street plans are accurate, with 20 different varieties of customers to satisfy from high-rollers to slot-machine zombies (though no actual establishments were licensed for the game). Empire will also reveal more specifics on the sequel to its 2001 racing simulation, Ford Racing 2 (platforms TBD)
-By George T. Chronis
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